Soft sponge cake soaked with vanilla & espresso coffee, layered with sweet mascarpone & dusted with cocoa powder 7

fiorella’s apple crisp

Fresh sliced apples & cinnamon baked with crunchy oats, topped with a scoop of vanilla gelato 7

peanut butter ice cream pie

Peanut butter, vanilla ice cream & peanut butter cup blended together over chocolate~crumb pie crust 7

chocolate-chip cannoli

Ricotta cheese & chocolate~chip filled cannoli shell 4

gelato sundae

Vanilla gelato topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream & a cherry 7

flourless chocolate cake

A rich, warm, flourless, fudge chocolate brownie, served with a scoop of vanilla gelato & fresh whipped cream 8

gelato del giorno

Scoop of our gelato of the day 2